Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Queers and Freaks Untie!

It's not often I'm so crazy about a book that I want to run around telling complete strangers to read it (er, except what else is a blog for?) but here goes: Hello, Cruel World is amazing. It's Whedonesque, hopeful, crazy, intense, useful, inspiring, funny, informative, challenging, queer, sexy, illuminating and could form the basis of a very disorganised religion. If you don't believe me, then listen up to author Kate Bornstein doing a way better job that I can of persuading you here. Bornstein for President! And props to LiP for putting the Gender Talk interview in their ever-useful, intelligent, infuriating and ass-kicking Media Picks list.

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Librarian,

Thank you for your kind words. And my warmest respects to the Lady Delirium. She and I go way back.

kiss kiss,