Sunday, September 24, 2006

I think you mean "What the f*** happened here"

So, Verso are calling What Happened Here: Bush Chronicles "caustic and hilarious." Uhhhhhhhh, well, it's not Jon Stewart. Perhaps hilarious in an evil-laugh-here-is-how-I'll-kill-you Mr. Bond way if you're a Republican, but otherwise just pretty damn enraging as it reveals the systemic destruction of press independence, social security, civil rights and, well, the world perpetuated by the Bush II junta. Weinberger is exactly the kind of public intellectual whose absence from American life and media debate he laments. It's instructive that several of the major pieces in this book originally appeared in European venues. Read it and weep, kids. Then register to vote and get informed. I look forward, in a grim, hiding my face way, to a similarly intelligent, well-written and non-alarmist book about the Blair years.

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